Ever get one of those days when you just wanna chill out and relax a little....play a little poker and just tool about. Well, i figured yesterday was one of those days so i entered the AFC freeroll with that in mind. I played in the Susie Isaac's stud game also(playing properly though in that) but had a bad start and was out early so was just left with the AFC NL tourney which i realy wasn't in the mood for playing......always a good time to experiment, donk about and blow some steam off!...they do say it feels good to suckout / bad beat people etc. I was calling raises left right and centre and continuing to call large post flop bets if hit the board or was on a draw......sure was fun! Trouble is with doing it at PSO, for me anyway is that 5-6 times outa 10 you gonna be bad beating fellow PSO'ers you have played with b4 / get along with / you know are playing good poker / know well etc. If i'm honest i play like this sometimes in anything up to $20 on the real money sites with a view to double/treble up a few times then switch to my A game (its how i will play these last few days of the NL shootouts to try get on the table)......this allows me to always go deep when succesfull. I guess just sometimes i would rather be out of a tourney early and go off and do something else than play a dreary plod along kinda tourney and bubble / just make the money etc playing quality cards alone. I see a lot of people say they are good at making it through a tourney field but always arrive at the same point in a tourney. Near the bubble / money spots but short stacked and not enough to play with to challenge for top spots....this is where loose play earlier to mid is a good strategy. I would rather get 2-3 1st's or 2nds in say 16-20 tourneys than 7 - 10 other money finishes out from the top 3-4 spots.......similar money but a shed load less time spent playing.....these times are good times to practice that kinda play. Playing like this now and then also allows you to see the game from a different viewpoint / angle as well as gaining additional info on other players. I was suprised at one point on a final board of TJAJ6 that my busted flush/str8 draw Q7s that i had called a pre-flop raise with and had continued slowly calling very good sized bets with on the flop and the turn and finaly checked on the river took down a nice sized pot at the showdown . I had also been raising with lots of connectors, suited, 1 gapper's...2 gapper's etc and while its good to hit a flop hard and take down a good sized pot with these type of hands, its when playing loose and betting the flop and turn even when you miss with them you realise just how little the cards mean a lot of the time. All good stuff for you overall game and i recommend anyone giving it a go just to see what you can get away with. It may feel good to scoop big after your lucky draw hits but inevitably you give somebody a bad beat....whats worse is when you do that twice to somebody who you know is playing well....step up jpatmull. Not got the history for the 1st hand but went something like this. jpatmull raises plenty preflop with QQ, i call with 85s...flop comes something like 468?..... i hit an 8 anway and had an inside str8 draw. jp bets plenty again......i know i must be behind to a big hand but call to see if i can catch the str8.....bingo card on the turn......7, all the chips end up going in the pot with jp no doubt putting me on my usual kinda hands i turn over the 58 and he had the QQ's.......i double up and jp thinks.....what the f*!#. Now while it was good to double up.......not been bothered about been in this tourney also made me feel a little bad about that one....then this happened 40-50? mins later...there, there abouts:- Hand Number: 506,722,670 Table Number: 7,093,297 Event Name: AFC Championship Freeroll (#4489212) Event Started: Sunday January 27th 1:00:06 PM CST 2008 Event Type: PokerSchool Online Tournament Event Buy-In: PSO Member (100 PSO Sponsorship Points added) Total Prize Pool: 100 PSO Sponsorship Points Game: No Limit Hold 'em Level VI: 50 Ante 150/300 Blinds (25 Minimum Chip) Average Stack: 17,804.87 (10,000 starting chips) Remaining Players: 82 (146 started) Seat 1 : 1MyWynner1 starts with 24,525 Seat 2 : WiredBull starts with 8,975 already blown a lot of my double up chips from the QQ hand b4 Seat 3 : AnnieOakleyZ starts with 8,800 Seat 4 : thepokerchef starts with 13,725 Seat 5 : ladyfingers22 starts with 4,050 Seat 6 : Sojourner starts with 15,000 Seat 7 : jpatmull starts with 26,550 Seat 8 : Dustybadge starts with 11,525 Seat 10 : drmor80 starts with 12,400 Seat 10 : drmor80 has the dealer button >>>DEALING HOLE CARDS<<< WiredBull dealt down 6c 3c 1MyWynner1 posts the ante 50 WiredBull posts the ante 50 AnnieOakleyZ posts the ante 50 thepokerchef posts the ante 50 ladyfingers22 posts the ante 50 Sojourner posts the ante 50 jpatmull posts the ante 50 Dustybadge posts the ante 50 drmor80 posts the ante 50 1MyWynner1 posts the small blind 150 WiredBull posts the big blind 300 AnnieOakleyZ folds thepokerchef folds ladyfingers22 folds Sojourner calls 300 jpatmull calls 300 Dustybadge folds drmor80 calls 300 1MyWynner1 folds WiredBull checks >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 2h 5d 8d ] WiredBull checks Sojourner checks jpatmull bets 600 drmor80 calls 600 WiredBull calls 600 Sojourner folds >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Ah ] WiredBull checks jpatmull checks drmor80 bets 2,000 WiredBull calls 2,000 jpatmull raises 9,450 to 11,450 drmor80 calls 9,450 and is all-in WiredBull calls 6,025 and is all-in jpatmull cards were 2s 2c drmor80 cards were 5c Ac WiredBull cards were 6c 3c >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 4s ] jpatmull wins 6,850 with three of a kind, deuces WiredBull wins 27,675 with a six high straight drmor80 has left the table drmor80 finishes in 82nd place Seat 10 : DerryIrish starts with 30,750 >>>SUMMARY<<< Hand Ended: Sunday January 27th 2:23:05 PM CST 2008 Total Pot: 34,525 Board: [ 2h 5d 8d Ah 4s ] Seat 1 : 1MyWynner1 (small blind) lost 200, folded pre-flop Seat 2 : WiredBull (big blind) bet 8,975, won 27,675, net +18,700, showed hand [ 6c 3c ] Seat 3 : AnnieOakleyZ lost 50, folded pre-flop Seat 4 : thepokerchef lost 50, folded pre-flop Seat 5 : ladyfingers22 lost 50, folded pre-flop Seat 6 : Sojourner lost 350, folded on the flop Seat 7 : jpatmull bet 12,400, won 6,850, net -5,550, showed hand [ 2s 2c ] Seat 8 : Dustybadge lost 50, folded pre-flop Seat 10 : drmor80 (button) lost 12,400, showed hand [ 5c Ac ] Sick hand huh!.....as you can see from this history though, jp had 26k b4 this hand started.....the QQ beat b4 this one knocked him down to about 3k so he had already built back up to 26k in that time which is a feat in itself but after a bad beat even more so. Winning this hand would have put him in very good shape for a final table appearance i reckon but all i got from Partick both times was a WTF!....and a mention of the 2 cards i played both times 58! , 36! not like you bull..... no abuse, no name calling, no moaning then he got his head down both times and built back up.....i think that in itself goes a long way to giving a good idea of the character of Partick.....classy guy!. So, sorry for messing up your tourney Patrick, you did nothing wrong bud!.....just shows though how you can play/learn/practice then go out and play a great game.....but sometimes no matter what you do you are destined to lose certain pots due to unforseen chit......but its how you deal with things like this that makes you the person you are and the eventual poker player you will become. Well, thats me done...just thought i would write this up as i felt a little guilty about jpat and maybe a couple of other beats i put on people but also wanted to put over what i was thinking/feeling yesterday while i was playing and how i do play like this sometimes depending on how i'm approaching a tourney, thought it might help some players......and above all, i typed it up cos of jp's attitude which i feel a lot of players could learn from. ~Wired~