Hey peeps had a hectic end to the month with a few good action live games going on, so never manged to play the 35 tournaments for the month I had planned to play. I did manage a total of 22 tournaments for the whole month dropping points in 6 of them only due to losing flips I did manage a predicted top 300

Total points 1812.74 - position 237. = $15

Happy? not really as I know if I had managed to play the 35 tournaments as planned I would of hit  easy over 1973 points(winners points) well congrats to pablisimo69 for comming first!

Best Brit on the circuit? well was keeping a close eye on fellow Brits & seen yo_spazz playing nearly all the tournies everyday & playing them to a decent standard, i managed to pip him @ the post by cashing in 2tournies i played on the 30/11/2010 bouncing me 7spots ahead of the kid from Mansfield UK. congrats to him for flying the British flag(literally in his avitor)!

My plans for future - December - to try play more than 22tournies, keep up the same win rate & hit top 100!

GL to all @ the virtual felt!!!