Hey guys, so we are almost closing this month, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with how this month went out for me.. Just like what I said from my 1st prev post I was beating NL2 w 10-13bb WR over 150k+ hands for sept and oct.. During those month I was still using HUD which was a free trial for 1 month(just got 1 month extension) and ended Oct 30. So I was`nt using any HUD for my November grind and was manually tracking how many hands I`ve played already.. Pretty much my WR dragged down to 6bb over 96k hands.. and the hardest part now is that I dont know what I need to improve or change, or what I did wrong.. But anyways enough of the shitty part.. Just to share what Im planning to do for this month..

1. Buy an HUD. Christmas is near so I`ll be getting my xmas bonus from work
(BTW I did not mention on my prev post I guess, Im still working 9 hours a day, and playing poker 4 hours a day and whole day every weekends, wooh tough life)

2. Look more in depth on my HH and see where Im spewing money, and make sure they`re just coolers or bad beats(doing it today actually)..

3. Watch training Videos

4. Look more into how I can play against REGS!!

BTW I started beating NL2 after reading CTM by BR79 and apply everything to my game.. I highly recommend this book.. Im looking for some new/old good books to read that will help me improve more, any suggestions??


***This was written Friday Morning, and For Update just decided to by PT4 Lite friday afternoon***

So Hoping to crush NL2 again this month..