So tonight was my first PSO Tourney. I'm still a novice but had paid careful attention to the lessons and was determined not to make a massively noob mistake. Fairly early in, my Qc Qh didn't look *too* bad against a flop of Kd Tc 8s but nevertheless -- caution required. Anyone with a KK would be happy, even the holder of AK or KQ would be reasonably confident. Should perhaps have folder there and then really. But I stayed in. The Kc came and gave me two pair, with the higher pair on the board. Still weak to a full house or King trips. But I got sucked in, and went all in. My two pair (pocket Q, board K) lost against another guy with two pair -- Kings and Aces, one of which came on the river. Dammit...beaten on the river!! Previous to that he'd gone all-in (effectively) with the Kings and Eights. So... my first bad beat? Well, not really. I probably should've gotten out of the hand far sooner. But I've learned from the experience. Lesson 1 : there's still an element of the maniacal in the PSO tourneys. Beware. Lesson 2 : be prepared to fold the big hands early in the tourneys, to avoid getting sucked in. Lesson 3 : don't work out the odds and pot odds only to then ignore them. Biggest lesson for today. Onwards and, hopefully, upwards.