Well, looking forward to my first WBCOOP should be fun. Its been a strange couple of weeks. I managed to score a ticket in the warm up and a win in my favorite tourny, but aside from that its been a testing time. I seem to be finding people on thier upswing when they make horrible calls (2-5 calls a 3x raise when I have been very tight) and hit anyway. While I try very hard not to let peoples play affect how I look at that person it is difficult.  I guess I should just be used to it by now but when its someone whos game I HAD respect for its still tough. Also, I have said this before but if I pissed off anyone when I was drunk oh well. It has happened before and will happen again. Ok, thats about it for now, not sure if anyone even reads these or not but if anyone is good luck and see you out there.