Well, the month is almost over so I thought I would let everyone know how I am doing. I decided to not play the PSO this month after getting over the mark needed for the freerolls and instead concentrate on getting qualified for next month. I managed to get some cash through the PCA and thru the earlier xmas tourney which I then used to get qualified. I had some left over so I played some ring games (totally different game, less heart and brains needed and to me not as fun as tournys) and got in some big tournys. I managed an 11th place finish for 20 bucks or so but have been in a downturn since. I am down to 10 bucks and I think I am gonna play another 2 dollar tourny and then just the quater sngs. I know my br management sucks but since its all Pokerstars money its ok. Next month I will concentrate almost exclusivly on PSO so watch out.(lol) Well thats about it just want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to help me on my journey and apologize to anyone I may have tilted on. It Happens. See you out there.