Well, I got very fortunate and reached my goal of getting active for January. I already gave thanks in the forum so now I thought I would let any new players know how I did it. My 1st attempt was to use the money earned from a donation and pso combined. I had about 6 dollars but did not do very well at the cash tables. On the plus side I played in the .50 cent PCAs and got two tickets. First one a bust but the last tourny I was lucky enough to place in the top 500 or so for a seven dollar take. I sat at the PLO Hi Lo tables for about 7 hours last night and held my own. Ended up down a couple of bucks but got the Vpps I needed. I imagine one could do it faster playing multiple tables but I only play one at a time. The rest of the month I will concentrate on the PSO warmups and the NAPL and try and grow said BR. Well thats it for blog 2. See you out there.