Well, this is my 1st blog of any kind anywhere so if it sux too bad. It seems that while my game has improved by leaps and bounds the last three months my anger management issues remain. I find myself at a point where the decision is to keep working hard to improve my game, just play for fun or not play at all. This game takes a lot of time away from my other passion (fishing) so I know it means a lot to me but the bad beats just keep coming. Whether I caused them through my own bad play or not they are discouraging. On the plus side the people I have met through The Suited Aces and ventrilo are great. At least the two or three i've managed not to offend. I dare say a couple of them may be friends if I continue to play or not. Well, I guess I am supposed to offer some insight or advice on dealing with all of this but I dont have any. Pretty weak attempt at a blog. Oh well, see you out there.