Istart writing my first blog with one of my favorite poker hands i ever saw, to share with you the amazing things wich poker had and i yould like to adress a question for you , those who read this blog.. what is your poker favorite hand."After that i woukd like to share a few things about myself , boast a little and also show my appreciation of what online poker bestowed upon me..I started playing poker 4 years ago in college.Throught college i descovered NL Holdem and my decision was to try it online and i found a lot of pokerrooms on the web.. To cut the story short , i became a casual online poker player  and i joined same cool comunities and even a poker group. As the online poker comiunities grew, new opportunities appeared.One of those was when i found Pokerstars so i decided to give it a try for real money.I'm not a big spender so i started my adventure with 50$ deposit. The community freerolls boosted my bankrool onlyto sustain my cash and tournament adventures.It's a lot of fun to sip , listen to music or a poker podcast all in the confort of your home and enjoy a multi table tournament.It;s even more fun to open a few  microstakes tournamets along your main one, where you can spew away chips and destroy aces and kings with your QJ suited.

The best thing of all in my opinion are the big win stories. i loved the loose cannons , and the atmosphere, i also love reading the forums , where players living in the same neightborhood had a

crazy weekend starting their monday with a 5 figure lamp of cash in their account after a crazy online tournament adventure, i love them for putting their adventure into words and sharing it with evreyonebecause i know i might also do that on a Monday morning after a nice breakfast and a coup of tea pondering what gift will be more suited after such a succes.

In the end of my first poker blog ever i hope many of who read these words will smile with me because playing poker is meant to be fun , is like when you play football , or other sports is fun and you may make a profit after a time and i love it all

I hope at least someone liked my first post on a blog and i am sorry if my english is not very good, i wait suggestion or critics because critics makes us strong and help improve our skills good bye.