You're reading the November edition of PSO Community News - welcome! Each month we give you a quick taster of some of our latest exciting features and promotions, helping you to make the most of your poker education and enjoyment here. So what's being served up this coming month? Let's take a look:





Starved for time but hungry to improve your game? Then Poker Bites is for you! In our fresh new series of bite-sized video nuggets, the pros quickly take you though profitable poker essentials like How to Play Small Pairs, Playing the Blinds and 3 Betting Weak Hands. Whether you're a newbie or just want a rapid refresher, this great new PSO serving is proving very popular. So if you haven't already sampled them, try a tasty treat of Poker Bites now!



Great news - MicroMillions returns to PokerStars this month, and we will host some special “ticket” trainings at PSO to help get you on your way to MicroMillions magic!  There will be 1 special ticket session per week for 3 straight weeks… stay tuned to the Live Training schedule and upcoming forum news announcement for the details.

The PSO Tournament Series in November is the Poker Wars, and trainers may be hosting or featuring play in some of these events during their live trainings this month as well.  Here’s what’s coming up:


PS Team Online Pro Tyler “frosty012” Frost will be with us on Sunday the 10th and 24th in November at 14ET.


Chris will be continuing his coaching in the small stakes multi-table tournaments, both of the 180-man variety and larger field events.  He will be hosting a couple of the special MicroMillion ticket trainings, and his Sunday Special is on the 3rd.


Gareth will be running his usual  variety of cash game strategy sessions, as well as hosting a MicroMillions ticket training.

His Sunday Special will be on the 17th.


Dave will be hosting more member review sessions in November, some of his classic popular topics like “You Make the Call” and “Aces and Spaces”, and a class presenting some theory on how to approach mixed game MTT’s.  He will also host a Sunday
Special: Home Games session on the 24th.


PS Team Online Pro Felix “xflixx” Schneiders will be off for most of November, but the one week he is available to teach we’ve got him for you twice… a regular session on Wednesday the 6th, and he’s hosting the Sunday Special on the 10th.

For more information visit the Live Training section of the PSO web site today! Remember, there is no cost to attend these trainings, they are all free, brought to you by PSO and PokerStars…  and anyone can attend all live trainings, even the VPP restricted ones will allow all PSO members into the room as a viewer… the VPP restriction only impacts the ability to type in the chat box but all members can see and hear everything regardless of their VPP level.




If you're a beginner who has never deposited at PokerStars, here's a reminder that we offer this great way to start accumulating your first bankroll. A PSO staffer will personally take you through a series of tasks, our experts will analyse ring game hands that you want advice on or that gave you trouble, and along the way we will award you with a series of $2 bonuses. By completing the simple tasks you will earn $8 courtesy of PSO, check it out today!


SKILL LEAGUES - $44,000 per MONTH!

Promotions come and go and but there is one giant that stands out. We are proud of our longest-running and richest PSO promo - if you are able to play multi-table tourneys regularly then you can really get your teeth into playing the PSO Leagues. The Leaderboards are reset every month and there you can track your daily progress against your opponents. You'll find discussions in the Forum specifically on the nuances of League play skills. Test your ability in the Leagues and you may find yourself claiming a chunk of the monthly $44,000 total prize fund - find out how to get started here!


We hope you find this month's menu appetising and we wish you success with your mission, on and off the table, to master the game!

Team PokerSchoolOnline