Glad you made it along here to the meeting point - this is the October edition of PSO's Community News, there are always so many interesting things to show you. I'm your official guide and I will take you on a quick sightseeing tour that takes in all the top attractions coming this month. Ok, I think the last of the stragglers has arrived, so let's set off! Our first stop is:



Although the 2013 WCOOP has come to an end, the tournament action never stops at PokerStars and PSO!  There will be another series of promotional ticket tournaments in October called the Carnival of Tournaments. There’s also a special training and tournament called the Eye of the Trainer… the final tournament will boast a $1.10 buy in with $500 added to the prize pool AND another $500 bounty on the head of PSO trainer ChewMe1! Check out the News from PokerSchoolOnline in the Support Area of the Forums for announcements on all the details!

Here’s what else is on tap for the month:

PS Team Online Pro Tyler “frosty012” Frost will be with us on Sunday the 6th and 20th in October at 14ET.

Andy is going to be on a leave of absence in October...  He may jump in as a substitute teacher from time to time if available, but he won’t be on the pre-planned schedule.

Chris will be continuing his coaching in the small stakes multi-table tournaments, both of the 180-man variety and larger field events, with his primary time slot being Mondays at 17ET.  Chris is hosting the special “Eye of the Trainer” session on Wednesday the 2nd, and he’ll have the $500 bounty on his head in the Eye of the Trainer promotional tournament!

Gareth will be running his usual mix of training session in October, including another of his very popular strategy classes on continuation betting, and also keep your eyes open for a review of his recent 4th place finish in the $11 Sunday Storm on PokerStars for an 11K score!

Dave will continue with his regular coaching slots on Thursdays at 20ET and on some Saturdays at 14ET.  He’ll be doing some tournament reviews both from regular and zoom MTT’s, another edition of the very popular “You Make the MTT Call” series, and a special class on defending your button in deep stack cash games.

PS Team Online Pro Felix “xflixx” Schneiders will be hosting more of his 6-max cash game coaching, including a high stakes session on Wednesday the 2nd playing 100NL!

For more information visit the Live Training section of the PSO web site today! Remember, there is no cost to attend these trainings, they are all free, brought to you by PSO and PokerStars…  and anyone can attend all live trainings, even the VPP restricted ones will allow all PSO members into the room as a viewer… the VPP restriction only impacts the ability to type in the chat box but all members can see and hear everything regardless of their VPP level.


Lots of great stuff there from the Live Trainers. Next we come to an eye-catching promotion from PokerStars:


7-2 BOOM!

As we all know 7-2 is the worst starting hand in poker and we normally ditch it at the first opportunity. So what if there were prizes for having 7-2 hold up in a ring game or in a Zoom game pool? That's the intriguing idea behind 7-2 Boom - turning the most boring hand in poker into one of the most exciting. But hurry, it's running from 1st to 7th October, so read all about it now at the PokerStars promo page and the PSO promo discussion.


I'm sure you won't want to miss that one! Now we move along to the big PSO attractions, first up is:



Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this mouth-watering match-up between one of our trainers and You!

In the PokerSchoolOnline corner we have Chris 'ChewMe1' Melhuish, a 25-year old cage-fighter and poker player from England.

And in the other corner we have You, a PokerSchoolOnline member who could win $500 if you knock our live trainer out of the 'Eye of the Trainer' tournament, and best of all we are giving you a chance to freeroll your way into this tournament.

Come along to the pre-match Live Training 'press conference' on Wednesday, October 2nd, where you can talk-up your chances of winning. Chris will also share his thoughts on this tournament while giving you some solid strategy tips and advice to help whip you into shape for this game. Full details and registration here.

What a great chance to show what you're made of - best of luck! Next on our tour is our latest tourney series to celebrate the new season:



This great tourney series runs from October 4th - 13th and includes games for both real and play money players. You can check out the schedule, rules & prize structure and find out about the bounty & blog bonuses too, all on this page. Plan your participation today and all the best!


Now that's going to be a lot of fun! Now we know how poplular our tourney promotions are, so we've been locked away with those fine folks from PokerStars to cook up an exciting new one. It's not quite ready for an announcement, so stand by and look out for breaking news...

As we reach the end of our brief tour we'd like to ask you a favour. We really value your opinion on how we are doing, so if you have a few minutes away from the classroom and the tables we'd really appreciate if you would take our online survey

Thanks in advance!


We hope you enjoyed this little tour and good luck in making the most of what's on offer!

Team PokerSchoolOnline