Well that looks like another quick month tucked safely under our belts, and so here we are with the Community News May Edition, hot off the presses! If you're lucky enough to have some extra time available during the May Day holiday, what better way to utilise it than spending a few happy hours perfecting and practising your poker skills here in PSO? So let's see what's hot this month:



We can't deny it, for a lot of people of all ages these days there's Facebook, and then there's rest of the Internet. And don't the pre-Internet and pre-Facebook days seem a long time ago now? So we realised we needed a dedicated Facebook app for PSO and after countless hours of feverish toil by our clever programmers, it's here!

Just follow that link, give the app the customary permission and take a look round it today. And if you like, tell your friends!



May is Spring Championshionships of Online Poker (SCOOP) time at PokerStars and we want to help get you ready to take your shot at this premier tournament series!  Whether it be brushing up on your tournament game, or looking for some chances to satellite into events, we’ve got something for everyone.  Stay tuned to the PSO News for announcements of upcoming promos involving special SCOOP live trainings. What is the trusty team of trainers dishing up this month?

PS Team Online Pro Tyler “frosty012” Frost will be with us on Sunday the 12th and 26th
of May at 14ET. Don't miss out on live training from a PS Red Spade!

Andy will be conducting some SNG reviews, live play sessions, and revisiting his 27-man bankroll builder challenge this month!

Chris will be continuing his coaching in the small stakes multi-table tournaments, both of the 180-man variety and larger field events!

Gareth will be running follow up sessions to how to beat 5nl (with a non-zoom edition), asking the right questions, and Zooming under pressure.  He is also going to play in a SCOOP-L event for his Sunday Special on the 12th… come join the training to rail and learn!

Regular Live Training Sessions with Dave on Thursdays at 20ET and Saturdays continue in May, running at 14ET on the 4th and 25th, and 13ET on the 11th. Topics in May will include a Stat Sleuth session @ 10NL Full Ring, Big Pairs and Bad Boards, another running of You Make the MTT Call, and a Home Games edition of the Sunday Special on the 19th.

Flix will be doing another Leakfinder session for a PSO member in 6-max cash games, and a class that focuses on opening up your game to find new +EV spots!

For all the info visit Live Training today! These valuable trainings are all 100% free, courtesy of PSO and PokerStars… and regardless of your VPP level you can see and hear everything in the room; the VPP restriction only impacts the ability to type in the chat box.




As mentioned above keep an eagle eye out on our Promotions page -  not only do we have an incredible range of enticing promotions and giveaways, but new and exciting announcements will be made over the coming weeks!



The fantastic PSO video library just keeps on growing - every week new productions are added, and to keep up with the latest here is a link to Raiser's handy regular updates. So grab a beer and some popcorn, sit back and enjoy titles like "The Winning Mentality with Chris 'ChewMe1" and "Battle Of The Blinds with Felix 'xflixx"!


Until next month, may your skills continually improve and may your poker moves be the right ones!


Team PokerSchoolOnline