Yet again we have WBCOOP on the horizon. The time has come once again for bloggers to get a break from grey days and have a taste of action on pokerstars. WBCOOP schedules are incredible and every one has a chance not only to luckbox their way into the prizes, but also to show level of skill that they posses. In my case I always eagerly wait for WBCOOP every year, not just for the money, but also to show my level of play to other bloggers/pros.

This years task is to share with everyone the best moment that I have ever had on pokerstars. There have been many bright moments of winning and sucking out. There were moments of bad beats and tough calls. However even though all of them can be remembered pretty easily by me one of these moments stands out. The moment of my grand victory.

It was the end of August and I have not played poker for about a week due to my wonderful vacation in Hungary. I have came back from Budapest and set on my desk ready to do the pile of assignments that have accumulated during my absence. Normally what I like to do in order to keep me occupied during my homework I tend to switch one or two tournaments on stars. This is what I did that time as well. I have entered one rebuy tournament with (3x turbo) mark on it. I especially love that tournament and was quite successful in it. However, my best result to date was 5th place for a total of 1000 dollars.

I have started of really well and managed to assemble a decent stack till the rebuy period ended. However after rebuy I started losing chips and was at the moment when I had just 2 big blinds left. I remember going all in at that time with KJo and closing the tab knowing that I am pretty much done. To my surprise seconds after the tournament popped back up showing me that I quadrupled up my stack. That was a nice feeling, but I knew there is a loooooong way to go.

I have been gaining and gaining more chips. After I made the money I still was doing my essay but after we were down to 200 players (13,000 have started) I stopped dealing with my essay and focused on poker.

At one point I got a chip lead and I remember going on a break with 27 million in chips having around 30 players left. After the break things started going extremely well for me. It felt like I am unstoppable and can’t loose. JJ versus TT, TT versus A7s, AK vs AQ. During all of these confrontations I had the best hand and it hold up.

When we were down to 2 tables I got dealt pocket Kings. I got excited and raised standard 2bb.  I was very excited to see Button coming over the top of me and going all in. I believe button was a guy who was 5th or 6th in chips. I have happily called only to see that I was against Aces. No king on the flop and I was down to 9th place with my hopes of reaching first place slowly shrinking.

Luckily I managed to get to the final table as 8th in chips. After a little while doubled up with AQ versus 44. And since that moment I never looked back. I have stopped destroying everyone at the table when we were left heads up with me having around 500 million chips and my opponent 300 million. I decided not to deal with variance and offered him a deal which he has happily accepted after seeing me destroy the table.

That was it. Me and my $ 12,000 on stars account. I could not believe my eyes and was in shock for a decent amount of time. These money manager to pay for fulfilling my dreams such as going to USA and visiting grand canyon and Vegas.


That is pretty much the summary of my best moment on stars. It was not the first one and I hope it is not the last one with many more wins to come.