WBCOOP 2012 is coming! Finally there is a perfect chance for people who can and love to express themselves within a poker community to receive some advantages from it. Basically this is also a way to deliver an idea about Pokerstars and what they do to a larger field of poker players worldwide.

WBCOOP as it is can be known as many things but the main idea is following: free cash! Money given out to bloggers worldwide. As long as you are a blogger and capable of playing poker this is your chance to gain your success! I am looking forward to WBCOOP probably more than anyone else. This field is not like any other freeroll that you see out there. This is a field full of people who write about poker therefore have quite an idea about it. Where I am going to is these people are GOOD. It is a real challenge to play poker at WBCOOP and be capable of winning.

Not only you get chance to win entries to SCOOP and other prizes, there is also a 5,000 dollar prize for the best blogger. That is one of the reasons I am telling you all that stuff guys. I am thinking about great plans if I win best blogger prize. First of all this prize would increase my poker bankroll dramatically. I would definitely cash out 2 thousand to start with and spend it with friends celebrating, but the rest will go to increase my amount of money on my account.

I am a tournament player. Playing tournaments is a high risk and also extremely stressful where you have to maintain focus for long hours of play. Finding the right tournament is tough, but Pokerstars offers an amazing selection of tournaments suitable for any taste. I would really appreciate an increase in my bankroll giving me a chance to basically play almost any regular tournament buying in directly. 

This would mean that I will be capable to have a chance of winning higher shares of prize pools. I mean it is obvious right? Bigger buy-in-bigger prize pool.  I will also be very excited to face a new challenge of tougher opponents. Nowadays I am playing low and middle buy in tournaments. There it is pretty easy to navigate through large fields of mediocre players. If you play on higher limits dreams are over. Fields full of Supernovas, sharks and team Pokerstars pro members are waiting for you to get your chips. However, I am ready for it. I love challenges and this is a mental challenge I am capable overcoming. This is a chance to prove that I am a professional and can be the best. Moreover,” best blogger prize” is a prestigious prize in the poker world. I would feel honored to wear this title and be known for the best blogger of 2012. For some people this is like winning the main event, but in literature. :-D

To sum up, this win will give me a new chance to show myself to the world. It will be my and only breakthrough which I will remember for ages. This will be my moment! I want it, bring it on!