Back in 2009 I was playing poker for something like 6 months already, and have realized there are certain rules about this game which you as a player should apply. However, they are not mentioned anywhere on official teaching websites or poker schools. I am talking about Your Rules! Rules, which you think if applied will bring you a higher ROI and ITM percentages, or will give you an extra cent on a hand that you play.

In Doyle Brunson´s supersystem he mentions several points, some sort of rules which in his case, when they were followed, brought him success. Some of the rules included "no drinking before the game or during the game", "Having a rest after long sessions or long everyday poker games. Going somewhere or doing something, which has nothing to do with poker, sports for example". 

Now, you might be wondering, "why does this guy talk about Doyle Brunson´s book? we can read it on our own". HA! Now that´s where my own ideas come. Here we go. :-D Reading the rules of other stars and professionals is one thing. But following them is another. You really need to know and remember the importance of following these rules. And when you cross them, make sure that it will never happen again, or at least try to( in my case, drinking while playing lol)

So, to make the "set of rules" your personal one, you got to think about them on your own. Understanding of what makes your game better or worse and then following them, will bring you success. In my case I will bring you examples of my own rules which I mastered to use (or majority, going back to drinking again) over some time. They are following:

1.) Never drink while playing
2.)Chips worth more then money ( especially in tournaments, be aware on getting more chips on the way to the final table, forget about small double payouts right after the bubble)
3.)Don´t be scared about folding ("Bad call costs more, then bad fold." This phrase speaks for itself)

There are some others, which I would prefer to keep to myself, not because of the such a high importance of those. They are just adjusted to my style of play, and might not stand well as generalized rules.

To summarize, battery on my computer is dying, and I believe you guys got the point, so I will finish this post rather quick. Remember! More rules you make and follow-better poker player you will become.