By no strectch of the imagination am I close to being a professional poker player. I cannot play 8 or more tables at once, I don't rely on poker as even a suplementary income, nor do I enjoy the time to be able to play poker even 20 hours a week. What I am is new to the game of poker. Like many Americans, I learned how to play poker late at night, long after my mom had gone to bed,  at the kitchen table with my dad. My dad never took it very seriously and neither did I. What the game gave to me early in life is far different than what it does now.
     Once I moved out on my own i held a monthly poker game at my house with a group of close friends. None of us were very good or understood anything more than the ranks of hands. It wasn't until I met my current girlfriend did I become interested in becoming a better poker player. More specifically it is the men in her family that drove me to learn more about the game and it's strategy. Every major holiday when they come together there is a poker tournament at the end of the night. Not your usual relaxed family game, but a competitive match between 10 to 20 grown men, none who can stand losing. There is even a trophy given to the winner to keep until the next tournament is played. It was my first time playing with them that my competitive nature forced me to do whatever I needed to do so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed.
    My first venture into the search for poker knowledge led me to numerous google results. At first I was shocked by the extensive amount of strategy involved. I spents countless hours over countless nights just reading and learning. Deciding I needed practice, I made a small deposit and created my Pokerstars account. What started as practice soon evolved into an obsession. Not an obsession to play, but to learn and win.
     I am not going to make any claims of being a poker genius, because I'm not. Just this last month I bought a couple of books on various poker strategy. In the two months I have been playing seriously, I am just above where I started as far as my bankroll. Mostly I play $1 or $3 SNG's. I just discovered PSO last month and it took me a while to adjust playing in that large of a tournament. This month I'm hoping to play well enough to place in the top 200. I only play about 8 hours a week since I do work and go to college full time. Even with the limited time I have to play, I know I am becoming a stronger player with more knowledge each time I play.
    Maybe some are wondering now if I really think I am a donk. I don't think anyone actually thinks there a donk. In my time on Pokerstars I have been called a donk about as often as I've been complimented. I embrace being called a donk because when it happens it is ussually because I the person calling me a donk made a poor play at some point in the hand and rather than realize it, would rather blame me making a "bad" play than him misplaying his hand. If you give someone the proper odds enough times, they will draw out on you eventually. I do not know everything there is to know, but I am eagerly learning.
    I'm doing this blog as a way to be able to take a step back from playing and evaluate my play. I figured many of the members of PSO have been kind enough to share their journey in poker with us, so I would do the same. I will keep everyone posted on how things unfold.