Hello Everyone .... welcome to your flight2night blog  ..... ...gee flight what did yyou do on your summer vacation...lol I played poker @pstars .

 Once in a blue moon (that was YTD) flight peeled 2 top 100 finishes in the open league back to back and a top 1000 to boot ....5th ...58th...980+- and climbed 1000+ spots  in open league ranking.

                                        (Crowd goes wild)

 Chuckle.... bank roll down a bit but sattied the 2.20(3/5) and 3.30(2/3) big for some tourney dollars and played in both but all though I got deep failed to make any profit from either ... missed on a sattie to the 11.00 hot..by bubbling out and 2 shots at the sunday mill went for naught.

bankroll just under 90.00 from 25 so heading rapidly towards my goals for the year ...focus on large field MTTs and trying to move out of my comfort zone and into cash and mid size SNGs with a small cash win in the 1/2 cents cash games and a couple of 1.50 90 sng knockouts where i busted in the forties somewhere but to be honest was in three or four tourneys at the time so they didn't get the attention they deserved.... next time.

 Commendations to the pso staff/trainers  for the incredible task of beating info into this thick piece of concrete between my ears ... lol... and for all the support from members as well . PSO has been a very positive experience on multiple levels for me so thank you all ..... cheers, flight leaving now

  gl everyone cu @the felts F2N