A brief history... Started playing live holdem 20+ years ago. At that time in Canada poker wasn't legal but if you belonged to a private club then for the most part the powers that b left you alone. Here on Vancouver Island there were 5 such clubs that opperated 24\7\364 and a game was to be had with a phone call or 3 as desired. Table stakes were 1/3 blinds with a min buy of 20 bucks. but at times the game got monstrous with 60 k + on the table. Out of work and with a young family at the time it became a resource for rent and food and I developed a super loose agro game that played to my limited stack size and hit and run poker was what I played ...any win over 100 and I was out of there.However this style doesn't build a well rounded game and there was / is some serious holes in the way I approached the game.

  By the mid 90's the government in BC was bringing Casinos online and they shut all the clubs down ...with predjudice,,, (holding cells in Victoria suck) lol,,,Governments hate competition ! My serious poker had come to an end apart from a few casino trips ....roll forward to 2013....

I have always liked watching live poker on TV and I saw the new PSTARS adds so decided to give it a try....a few free rolls and what not...but I had no idea that PSO existed till I was chatting with an old poker buddy and he mentioned it as a way to improve my game ..so here I am and boy o boy does my game need it lol.

I would like to thank all the trainers in advance for their excellent work and will do my best to learn and put into practice as much of the theory and technique as I can...hopefully I can get my game to a level where it needs to be for pride if nothing else ..lol

So Goals for the year....to mantain a top 2000 rank for each month in the open league

                                      ....To learn and apply at least the basics of good poker such as bet sizing, learning to read players and self control

                                      .... to generate a positive cash flow from a 25 dollar initial buy in with a goal to reach 250.00 by the end of the year.

as the title says ...keep it simple ... good luck to all and I'll see you on the felts F2N