And he is us..........

If you ever get to spend any time working with the Army's brass, one of the first sayings you learn is "The first casualty of battle is always the battle plan".  For some reason the enemy generally refuses to read the script and follow it letter for letter in order to help get himself annihilated.  There is one exception, which is when you are being your own worst enemy.    Good commanders learn to step outside of themselves and evaluate situations while standing in front of the mirror wearing nothing more than the emperor’s new clothes (metaphorically speaking).  Or put another way; they must learn to have a critical eye towards their own decision making process without letting their own human foibles cloud the judgments and decisions they are responsible for.   After a continued slide from the my top position at the number ten spot I did a tactical withdrawal so I could shed my BDUs and spend some time looking in the mirror i.e. I skipped one of the afternoon PSO tourneys to re-evaluate what I was doing and how I was doing it.  I believe I have discovered what issue is facilitating my backwards advance and that it is easily corrected now that it has been identified.  Time will tell, the first skirmish commences at 1000 hours and we have orders to take the top of the hill and hold it at all cost.

Wait just a darn second....Weren't you a sailor?
Yes I was which means I can cuss fluently in five belay that BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP and tighten up that spring line before I tie a knot in your BLEEP BLEEP. 

Please never forget the fact that we are able sit in a comfortable office and ply our trade without fear because of the heroes who traded their lives for our freedom and the patriots serving beside them who stand next in line for the privilege to be called a hero.  Please honor their memory by being active in the selection of the politicians who are capable of cashing the checks written (for any amount up to and including their life) by our patriots.  A few hours a year of your time is all it takes to vote...and every vote you cast is the best way you can say thanks to those of us writing the checks to cover the cost of your freedom.

Your patriot and staunch defender of our Constitution
The FLcrackr