Hey Kids,
I have a riddle for you this morning.  What's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when he flies directly into the path of a speeding semi?  I will give you a hint.....Its not his front end.  Every donk has his day and yesterday was most definitely not mine.  I started out ok and even managed to reach my goal of hitting the top ten after the first tourney yesterday.  BUT...as I continued forward on my quest to sit alone atop the mountain I ran into hoards of wild donkeys rampaging through the tournaments trampling anything that moves.  Including me lol.  From now on I think I will keep certain thoughts to myself.  Since posting that pain is good, the poker gods must have decided that I am a masochist and that they really like playing the role of sadist.  Cause I started the day with 5 (not crying in my beer just adding detail ;O) sets of smoker pairs AA or KK in iso showdowns, one was a 3 way with 2 under pairs (It sure sounds a lot more fun than it was lmao....there I go digressing again) my first hour of play and not one of them survived to the river.  I think from now on I will keep certain thoughts to my self.  I can't blame it all on the donks and poker gods though,  my cute little adjustments to my strategy at the exact wrong time to make a run at number one combined with super loose play at the tables created a recipe for crackr pie all baked up and ready to eat.  I don't feel too bad though almost all of the leaders on the board who played yesterday suffered the same fate as me (hmm why aren't certain people atop the leader board who have been here a while playing on Sunday when the donk hordes descend on the PSO).  I will have to consider taking a day off next week lol.  Well I did manage to attain all of my goals but failed to maintain the one that was most important.  The top ten.   My goal for this week is to get back where I was and surpass everyone by the end of the week.   Now if you'll excuse me I have a windshield that needs cleaning,

I hate being the bug....BTW Has anyone seen my thorax?
(Now I really gotta go cause I am digressing more by the second rotf lmao aiwttfme)
The FLcrackr