We have software to enforce our no speeding zones.  Well I hit the first choke point today and was unsuccessful in my attempt to make it have a nervous breakdown and quit the job (see I told you so....shut up....ok).  I had set a goal of breaking into the top 100 yesterday but some slow cards and that pesky little score choke slowed me down a little and I ended up at the 148 spot for the PSO Skills League.  Since I am running in 6 PSO tourneys a day I don't have as much time to focus on my stake.  Although its small I have maintained its status and yesterday I even managed to get in a few hands at the money  tables, with a final table appearance at one of the 240 seat Omaha SNGs to help give it a bump.   Gonna be at the tables early today to try to add some cash to my account and I hope to see all of you there.

Any body got a radar detector I could borrow?
The FLcrackr