What the heck was that?

That was the sound of a sonic boom produced by the FLcrackr traveling at mach 2+ and accelerating on his way to a top ten finish this month.

All right thats quite enough hubris for one post already mister,,,,get back to work....yes sir, yes sir, three bags full

Any way that is my goal for the month and I haven't given up on the possibility of taking it all, if the folks at the top of the leader board get lazy and start sloughing off.  I have set the bar high this month and as I make the initial run to get over the bar in my first jump I am picking up speed and accelerating .  But...I am approaching the first points choke now, so we will have to see. (BTW many thanks to MoxiePip for helping me find info on the scoring system so I could analyze whether or not its even possible to accomplish my goals before opening my big mouth) Maybe if I get going really fast and hit it at mach 3  I can break the points choke gate and make it fail open....Lol (Dude its software it doesn't work like that).   Details details.  Any way I think as long as I  keep my new skills and techniques from abandoning me or completely falling apart in the next two weeks while sitting at the table I should be fine.  The decision trees and strategies I developed to help get me through the PCA free rolls are serving me well given that the player/donk ratio around here is still exceptionally high in favor of the donks early on.  Which brings me to the title of this thread (mmmmmmm donkey meat it's not just for breakfast anymore).   It seems to me that a lot of the new people arrived here via a different path than I,  which was via the PCA free rolls (I came up straight  from the donk farm), and haven't been able to crack the donk busting code.  As a result they sit helpless and tremble in fear during the initial phases of the tourney passing on golden opportunities to get fat enough to survive the donk massacre early on and go long enough to score points.  The key when trying to skin a donk is patience and control.  Remember if you show fear the game is over and you are now the trained and not the trainer.  My point is that if you are a player you should not fear the donks but look at them as a source of sustenance.  That doesn’t mean go out and get into an all in with them every time you have a tier 2 hand or better. but if you have studied your lessons and put your time in at the table you should have a pretty good feel when the odds are approaching 10 to 1 in your favor (you can never be sure with a donk so best guess based on their betting pattern is required, assuming its not all in all the time) where is about where you want to be when you go to put the saddle on him and ride him into the money.  When the month is over I will try to spend some more time putting more detail together for people who are interested.  Till then

Yipee Kaieee  M..... F...... (Sorry Mr. Willis I can't use the whole quote or I will get in trouble)
The FLcrackr