Being new to the profession (and poor) I have not been able to acquire all of the neat new tools available to the poker pro.  At the top of my list of capital investment choices, if I can manage to get a little ahead in this game, is a Heads Up Display.  It doesn't take me long to figure out who has one these days.  As my game has improved through the learning process so have all of my stats.  While this is good in some cases it puts me at a serious disadvantage in others i.e. People with HUDs see me coming from a mile away and fold the instant I throw a chip on the table.   Since I have no HUD this puts me at a serious disadvantage, because I have to figure out who the players are the old fashioned actually playing cards and observing the different responses to my actions.  Paying for this information over and over again is really cutting into my daily take.  Being respected as a player is nice...but making money is better.  So I am writing my yearly letter to Santa as follows.

 Dear Santa.
  All I want for Christmas is Holdem Manager Pro.
(or maybe since I mentioned them in my blog they will offer me a free copy and small sponsorship to boot)

P.S. Your milk and cookies will be on the mantle just like every year.

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas
The FLcrackr