I am new here and I hear a lot of complaining about the donks, but I think I am able to pick out the bad players from the mediocre players from the A-gamers pretty quickly and fairly reliably and it is a direct result of playing low limits and freerolls. I have been playing hold em since 1988 but just recently decided to try my hand professionally. As I had no money to spare I decided to start out by trying to win a free qualifier. This has been a difficult proposition fraught with many deaths from the donks, especially while they are running in herds early on in freerolls and micro tournements where I started and still play the majority of my hands. But with persaveerance and putting in long hours I have managed to win my way in to 6 final PCA qualifiers and finish in the money in 2. I have taken that money and used it to work my way up slowly where I can afford a couple $1.00 tourneys a day now and hopefully I can average a top 3 finish or 2 a week to generate income. My goal for the year is to have a seat at the WSOP main event, and right now I like my chances. Why? because playing with donkeys improves your game in a hurry. IMHO even if you are a higher limit player you should spend regular hours playing micro limits and practicing how to bust wild donks or risk being killed by them in a big money tourney after leaving valuable skills to rust.

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