If you spend any real time playing tournemnts you realise that the clock is as valuable as chips sometimes. Early in a tourney I want to get as many hands in as possible at the low blinds so I play fast and use as little time as possible to get to my playable hands. Later on when the herd starts to thin I will use it to help direct blind increases against either big stacks or little stacks depending on where the clock and the button are. If I can cost a big stack a thousand extra chips by waiting 14 extra seconds I'm all for it because it reduces any advantage they have and the same for small stacks as it applies more pressure on them to make bad decisions. Bottom line is that every advantage you can get legally should be used to its fullest and to heck with what the losers think of the strategy. I am here to do this for a living and if it ruins your fun time or offends your poker purest values too bad. Tournaments are all about gaining small advantges and keeping them til you are the last man standing.

I have no problem with slowing play to let the donks finish dumping their chips before the bubble. No matter how good you are you will eventually find yourself on the bubble and if you are a professional your first duty is to protect your capital. So you can call me and my mother names all you want cause it wont get me to change a strategy that makes MONEY
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