Hi all my real name is Brian and I call myself FLcrackr on-line because I am a native Floridian, born in Sanford Florida sometime in the years known to us Central Floridians as BM (Before Mickey).  I won’t tell you how many years BM I am because that would just make me feel old and feeble and draw in sharks who would take advantage of me:twisted: .   Any way....I digress....a lot......did I mention I digress.   Getting back to me.  I think my name also fits me well because I also have a sense of humor and I am never afraid to use it.  If you are ever sitting at the table with me throw me a few straight lines....I promise you wont regret it (I am the master of the double entandre.....get your mind out of the gutter already, I see what your thinking....there’s a lot more to it than that....see).  So much for my humorous side.  I am also a United States veteran having served honorably in the United States Navy for over six years.  During my service I have received three expeditionary awards a Good Conduct Award and other service ribbons for duties performed. I deployed on the U.S.S. Independence as a member of Carrier Air Group 6 Airborne Early Warning Squadron 122 (The Steeljaws) for three major cruises of six months or more and multiple shorter pre deployment training cruises as an Aviation Electronics Tech.  I completed my service in Norfolk Virginia where I supported all of the Airborne Early Warning Squadrons assigned to the east coast while not deployed at the Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department, for the Norfolk Naval Air Station.  I do have a few sea stories if you are ever interested in hearing me ramble on about something that happened to me during those early years just get me started. (They all have a common theme....they all start with..."Now this is no Sh.t".)  Since leaving the service I have worked my way through a long list of interesting and rewarding positions in the tech sector from chip manufacturing (I got to help build the manufacturing facility where the PII was developed at Ronler Acres) to satellite television systems culminating in a long stint with the Program Executive Office for Simulation Training and Instrumentation (talk about a cool job...I got to build and play with the worlds most expensive video games).  I am now semi-retired and pursuing new challenges to keep busy.   I currently have two that I am working on full time and part time.  The full time one right now is becoming a true poker pro with my first year’s goal of winning a seat to the Main Event in Vegas.  If any one is willing to compliment me, criticize me, tutor me, or if you just want to generally abuse me I am all ears and not easily offended.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.  I will try to reciprocate by posting short observations or tips that I learn along the way here in this blog.  Finally (god this guy is long winded)  If you want to see my passion visit my web site at www.escape-velocity.biz  If I am ever able to win big money in a major tournament, the next time you see me I will be trying to put myself into orbit  LITERALLY. 

Well That’s All Folks (for now)
CYA @ the tables good luck and god bless all of our troops