Hi  all   just recently joined the pso  and have been playing the  poker wars series  with a mixed bunch of results . so this month is basically about trying my best and picking up  info on players and of course results ,points .  so far managed  a few final tables and a win  and the standard in general is good   as there is every kind of player in here so as i said its a learning month . and  i would like to awards my own donk calls plays  so far this series  .   1 goes to  TAXI    playing 7-2



2 calls im short stacked  9 high ok  995  bb 100    and ship  taxi calls 1/4 of stack  and other 2 fold

i stick he throws 2  and bingo hes recieved 2 low cards out  and there is many more examples of these callsand raises  A 3 off  for sake ,  freeroll plays in this series often creeps in and  find  even betting   standard  preflop raises get no repspect  so you find raising more and still they call then outflop you and slowly your chips get sucked out .so in this series so far maybe i am getting called down so  much because im newbie , but heho its poker and obstacles are there to over come. So the main thing is i have learnt what  a lot of these players are like as poker players .

so goodluck at the tables