I am having an ok month so far, taking a lot of bad beats on me, probably not starting out as good in the first half of this month as i had last month. But with this new payout structure and the extended amount of time it takes to get into the money in past months, i am having a little trouble. It seems that every tournament with the general 1400-1600 people registered, when there is  about 400 people or so i am faced with the situation of, if i play the hand i will have to go all in at some point to win it, and generally i will have to call all in preflop or shove myself. When i get my lucky tournaments and get into the money, it is usually because i double and win some more in the first half and am sitting with around 3500 or more chips. Many top PSO players have told me that if i have around 1700-2000 chips that is plenty enough after 1 hour to go far and make the money. As patient as i am, and when i have this amount after the first hour i don't get a good enough hand when the blinds are getting bigger to go all in (which i usually have to) to double and go farther in the tournament. My luck is usually that i just get donked out by one of the remaining donks with around 300 people left. Although, once in a while i will win a nice hand or go on a little run where i am winning consecutive hands and actually have the chance to make the money. With my strategy (which i pretty much just explained) i am definitely not making the money as much as i want to or should be to have any run at top 10. So i made this post to see if i can receive some info/tips, or suggestions on somewhat of a better strategy to make the money more consistently and clime the leaderboards better. Is waiting for an hour and sitting with 2000 chips then trying to double by shoving the next premium hand just to get bad beat a good strategy or no? If any of you top players would like to help me out a little bit, i would greatly appreciate it! thank you! good luck! and see you on the tables!     8)