Hey all,

I wrote to PokerStars support and asked them why do I have a BronzeStar, even though I have not played a cash game. This is their response:

Please kindly note that everything is OK and you are eligible to be BronzeStar. Every player who crates an account at PokerStars is becoming automatically BronzeStars. The reason why the status is explained using real money player activity is the fact that BronzeStar status is not relevant if you play just for play money. Only real money players can climb the ladder to collect VPPs (VIP Player Points). The collection VPP can be only from real play money games.

So, we all have a BronzeStar! Why doesn't it seem so? Because you forgot to activate it. The simplest way to do so is to click on "My VIP Status", then on the button "VIP Status Display Options..." and check the checkbox next to "Show my VIP status to other players". Checking the other checkboxes is cool as well, and be sure to press OK to save your changes afterwards.

Happy chip hunting!