Hello everyone.. I am playing this PSO Skill league for the first time for real... I have played this a couple of months ago, but only couple of times, cause I figured it was end of the month and there was no point to play... so I am shooting for the big now.. I hope
this is also my first blog and I would like to apologize to everyone if I am writing a novel here, but next one will be shorter, I promise..
The point of this post is - I played 10, 15 times this pso skill league tournament and as more I play as more I am running into really really bad players.. but the thing is.. I searched couple of them in the league and they are way way behind, somewhere about 1450 or something points... so their rank is 300000000...
and they still play and ruin the game for everyone else.. I am not tilting for my bad beats, but I am really tilting about these guys..
tell me what do you think about this one? thanks everyone