There are some things in life that everyone has hopefully experienced. Drink your first alcoholic beverage, pass your exams, buy your first car (and regret selling it because it was your first real car ever), find a nice job, be healthy and enjoy life.

At the start of this year I decided to start another challenge that probably many of you already have done too: Building up a $100 bankroll and get to ChromeStar with nothing than an empty pocket, a PokerStars account and 16k Play chips. By this blog I will update you regularly about my progress of developing my skills and my attempt to build my bankroll. Hopefully we can share some tips and tricks along the way. Good luck at the tables!


Let's get started!

It must have been at least 2 years ago since I last logged in on PokerStars. It felt like coming home with only an improved interior! Good job! Because it has been such a long time since I played my last poker game, I decided to make my account on and followed some of the basic courses. Things that really got my attention were Rating Starting Hands, Table Position and  TightAggressive (TAG) Play Style. I decided that I wanted to start developing my skills with using these subjects at the tables.

Besides the good and useful techniques I also noticed that one can find a lot of possibilities on PokerStars to build a bankroll without any investments (besides time). I have decided to focus me on three types of tournaments: The daily freerolls with a ticket for a Weekly Round 2 which is a $2,000 added tournament, the daily offered freerolls during big main events (like PCA 2015) and last but not least the PokerSchool Open Skill League.


Entering the league

Ok, there we go! After reading some background information about the PSO League, I felt ready to join my first tournament. With all the tips and tricks in mind I tried to come as far as possible. I ended up in the top 40-45% of the total player pool. I was a bit deceptive, because there finished so many people in such a little time, that I really felt terrible that I got busted in a little more than 30 minutes. It made me searching the website for tips how to improve my gamestyle. Also thanks to the personal statistics, one of the conclusions that popped up was that I was playing to passive most of the time. When you have a good eye on the table and be aware of the play style of others (e.g. what kind of hand do they play) it is possible to play more hands than just my AA and KK.

By reviewing my hands and statistics, and comparing them to the basics of poker and the lessons learned from the pros, I now got a steady line up in my results which makes me really happy.

(Yeah, that 70% was when my  got dominated by  with a flop of )


Worth it!

Reading, Reviewing and Learning from the pros is really worth the shot. But: Remember that you cannot become a pro in just 1 day and also pros got dominated from time to time! It took me some time to realize because I was too eager to win the first tournament I enrolled in. But once you realize it, it will definately improves the way you enjoy the game and even your results. Finishing in the top 10% of a tournament with over 10,000 participants is actually a result to be proud of as a starting player. Therefore the Open Skill League is such a nice league for starters like me since it rewards you for this and not just for reaching the final table. With this positive mindset I hope to see you at the tables!