The SnG session were just really horrible. Played 3 more matches last night and I was out around 30+ for all of them. I wasn't having extremely good luck and I was getting pretty annoyed with my long streak of bad luck (and naturally, playing got even worse and a horrible vicious cycle followed). Tried playing this morning and in the middle of the game (where there were around 12 people left) and my stack wasn't very big, my internet just died and I had to spend around 8 minutes fixing it. After which, I was 8th (with 10 players) left and ended up bubbling at 8th on the final table. I was with the shortest stack and picked up 6/6, only to face K/K and getting knocked out. So, that extended my losing streak to 7 games ($1.75). 

So, after the failure at SnGs, I decided to try something new and went for Zoom 2NL (I know I'm not supposed to be putting in min$1 when I have a bankroll of $4+ but well...). My horrible luck continued unfortunately. I didn't get any hands for the first 40hands or so. (I kept getting walks on my BB when I had A-J/A-Q/pocket pairs which was quite annoying). Then the hand that killed me. I had K/10 and the flop came K/10/2. Wonderful flop for me (or so it seems). I let my opponent C-Bet and called him. The turn came a 2 which I didn't like too much) but bet anyway, and got raised-all in. I called cos I figured that I should have the best hand and my opponent may just have K with a high-kicker (and the odds were really good (cos my stack was already so short)). My opponent showeed down two tens for a full boat and my $1 was gone. Me, being disgusted my bad luck, bought in for another $1 (NOTE TO PLAYERS: Don't do this with $3.47 -- Bad move). But well, I finally had slightly better luck and doubled up real early with a set VS two pair so I was up to around $2.30+ (which was around a 30c profit already). I had a really fluctuating stack for the whole session, going from $2 to $3 to $4 to $4.50 then dropping to $3 and then $2 then back to $3... You get the idea. I wasn't playing really good but I got lucky a few times so I guess that compensates my luck for the previous rounds. Decided to stop playing when I had a $2.30 profit (and it was extra nice that my last hand before my BB was Aces) and so I managed to cover my previous losses.

   2NL Zoom

Hands Played Minutes played VPP's earned Profit / Lost
230 58 4.81  $                 2.66

So, I am now up to $7.13 though I think that one of the most important issues that I must address is to keep my cool and not go on tilt so easily. Will have to find a way to cool myself down with really bad beats or my bankroll will continue with the decline.