Just a very quick update.

I played my 4th game today and I must say I played it pretty badly; starting with a misclick which lost me quite a bit chips and I had a SB which kept attacking my BB (after the flop) so I decided to play back at him but unfortunately he had a real hand so I lost quite a bit of chips till I was in a danger zone. Kicked out right around half the field with AKo to Js. I think that just have to be a lot more careful, alert and polish my game. I kind of learned that making moves with only overcards with a <15BB stack isn't the best idea possible so I may need to be more aware and less aggressive in the future.

My 5th and 6th game was just horrible. Bad luck + I was not on top form after all my horrible luck that I had led to my game being really bad. So I got knocked out really early in both games, so I had no choice but to stop playing for that night and wait till the next day. Hopefully my luck will improve tomorrow!

541203663 2/4/2012 17:37 1/45  $                    3.23  $                            3.49
541281667 2/4/2012 21:46 11/45  $                         -    $                            3.24
541670785 3/4/2012 16:35 1/45  $                    3.23  $                            6.22
542193587 4/4/2012 21:35 21/45  $                         -    $                            5.97
542244549 4/4/2012 23:37 39/45  $                         -    $                            5.72
542249691 4/4/2012 23:49 28/45  $                         -    $                            5.47