I have been playing poker (properly) for just over 6 months. Before that, I played poker once in a while, being one of the horrible donks which we commonly see in freerolls. But my interest in poker grew so I decided to learn more about how to actually play it. I started playing in freerolls and eventually decided to join the Open League (when I found out about it). I don't have a lot of time to play poker so I don't usually play a lot of games in a month for the skill league (also due to the speed in which the freerolls become full). Last month, I had a decent run and came in 1956, just enough to get $0.50. So I decided to try to use this $.50 (+$.01 from getting ITM in the freeroll) to build a bankroll. 

So, I am trying my luck and see how well I can do from totally no money invested. Literally risk-free poker =P. This blog will document my journey and record what I have learnt from the whole experience. I will only update this blog whenever I have time to do so or if something interesting occurs so postings will be irregular.

Bankroll Challenge
Goal 1:
Build a bankroll from $0.50 to as much as possible without busting the bankroll
Goal 2: Learn more skills which I can apply and improve my ability to make good decisions.

Method: Mainly SnGs and when my bankroll gets bigger, mixing in some tournaments

Base Level: 25c 45man SnGs
Future Level: Unknown. It's the future.

That's all. Hope I can do well and prove to people that it is possible to build a bankroll from nothing! =)