Good day PSO members! First of all I would lke to thank all the people who commented on my last blog post! I know it was kinda dreary but it was how I really felt at the time. I was cheered up by all the positive responses I recieved! I still haven't been able to financially get back on track yet but my short break made me realize that breaks are mandatory to playing this game! I won't lie I played a few free rolls but never forced myself into a 24 hour marathon as I usualy did!

Breaks can be very important to relieve stress. Playing straight for a full year made me loathe certain aspects of the game! But during my little hiatus I realized that breaks away from the table let you focus on other aspects of your game you may not have noticed. For one I realized that playing multiple games and sites simultaneously made me play weak on certain games I considered a priority over other games. Focusing on one or two tournaments at a time is much better for my playing style. 

For instance trying to juggle the league as well as regular tourneys only forced me to stay awake for many days at a time. Thats right! DAYS! And as I am sure you can imagine my game only got worse the longer I would push myself. Taking a break really made me focus on aspects of my game I was ignoring. I looked for holes in my game and googled answers for those questions. Obviously the School is a great knowledge center as well! I will not lie it was interesting to actually close Pokerstars, 888 and Party Poker and refuse to open them under any circumstance for about a week. I started forgeting about my regularly scheduled games I played. It allowed me to refocus and now I am ready to baby step back into playing again.

I wanted to tell everyone about my first experiences with the new league! I had to start at Elementary but that is not a bad thing! The first thing I noticed is the games in this league go by fast! Judging by the late stage games I made it into ITM is reached within 1.5 - 2 hours! There are still the donks making there dumb calls and runners. But I have come to terms with it.

I really want to express how good it feels to have the point system changed! Now when I get coolered in the first 15 min I don't have to stress out about ruining my score! That was a major tilting thing to me in the old leagues. I dont feel like I have to play as much as possible! Since only 15 games count it is a huge relief to me. I also recieved some tickets for satellites into the higher leagues so I guess I will see what happens there! 

Another positive about the new leagues is the addition of 2 new ones! Players are now spread a lot more evenly. Hopefully I can make it up the ladder and try them out within the next few months! Also not having to gain VPP is a godsend to a player in my position! That was the major factor of me stopping the old league. I just didn't have the money to be pumping into Pokerstars just to gain 150 vpp to get the correct prize amount in Premier. It is the reason I stopped playing Premier in Febuary. It did not seem worth it to play my heart out for a pathetic fraction of the prizes nearly all the other participants recieved.

I guess the one thing that rubbed me wrong is the prize structure in the Elementary league. Why does Pokerstars pay out 1 cent to the bottom of the money spots? I really wished they would have at least made it 2 cents! Ya know so you could at least play a sit and go instead of nothing? I am sure the top prize winners would not mind giving up 50 cents so the bottom money winners could at least play a 2 cent sit and go! But regardless I think these change are going to to be positive as the leagues start to become established. 

I will try to get a grip on the new structures and see if there are any advice I can offer to fellow players on my next blog post. 

Once again I want to thank everyone who messaged me with well wishes and tips to improve my mental game while on hiatus! It is nice to know there are others like myself who want to see everyone get ahead! Positivity is contagious so spread it! LOL 

I will talk to you all soon! Good luck to everyone and see you at the tables!