I am sure I am not the only one who this happens to but I have been nodding off during games this week! I have missed a few sit and gos as well as drifting off during League games! I think it is time to turn off the p.c for a day or so. Does anyone else find they push themselves to play more?

From now on I have to start taking breaks for a day at a time. Literally turn off everything and play video games or get out of the house. The reason for this post is to remind people to take breaks themselves! My game gets very bad after staying up for 24 hours + at a time watching computer screens! Remember it is better to take a day off and lose a few rankings in the League rather than pushing yourself to make up for lost points and end up getting decimated over some obvious mistake that you would normally be on to.

So in saying that I am going to take a good nap. Maybe play the 9:35 game if I feel better! If not then I will restart tommorow.  Moral of the day-  Be well rested so you can be on top of your game! Cause you never know when you willl need that extra energy to make the final table!

Peace and good luck to everyone!