Today was the beginning of this months Premier League. I was knocked early by coolers every game so far. I dont even know how I am gonna gain a single point in this league? I hate this League. I am getting tilted on the very first day?? That is not good. For instance the last hand I had I flopped AQsuited. The flop came out and I had top pair A kicker. The villain bet $400......I said to myself he CANNOT HAVE KK or AA. I pushed ( Call it a stupid move I really do not care) I was right, KK and the tournament was over. Why I still went all in knowing deep down I was going to be beat somehow I will never know.

Why we cannot choose to play in the League we want too is actually rediculous. I like playing the Open League. The games aren't fall asleep boring and coming up with 150 vpp when you are poor is next to impossible. If I could I would give away my tickets to someone who really likes playing Premier. Thats how much it pisses me off.

So I am used to being able to play to at least the last 25% in the Open League but cannot even  crack the top 75% in Premier. I get a good hand and everyone folds at the minimum bet. It is so sad. Seriously every time I get AA or KK or any other premium hand I pretty much have to check along which is retarted. Changing my playing style to loose doesn't help. I try and play my position correctly and still get hit by variance. I really cannot get it. How do I keep making the Premier League every second month and doing so poorly? I have said before the Open League is not a good way to judge your skill level and this is why.

The Premier League doesn't even play out the same as any other MTT. Yeah I guess I will try and sit out the next game for a few levels. Probably the only way I will come close to gaining positive points.

I think becoming totally bored just ruins my game. Its almost like card dead but you get good hands and either get coolered or folded on.

This needs to change. Thousands of people play in the Open League but I still like it there. Unless I start getting a change in luck (because so far this month is just like December when I first played) I know I will get fed up and just stop playing. That is not fair. Whoever that guy who has played every single Premier tourney since it's inception, good for him! But to people like me and I am not alone, let us just play in the league we are comfortable in. Being forced to jump back and forth is mental and just the wrong way of doing things!  I really hope the Pokerschool makes the change so you can choose to play the League you want. There is no good reason NOT to give you the choice! 

I really hope this turns around for me and others too as I know I am not alone on this. It would be nice to be able to give some advice for Premier as I liked to do during Open League. But that won't be possible if I cannot even crack the top 25%.

Well lets just keep making our point of wanting be the chooser of our own destiny rather then being forced to be mind numbingly bored every second month.

As usual good luck to all the players in both leagues and I hoe you have better luck then I am!

The Fingoidz