When I was in the top 200 I should have just stopped. Seriously. The amount of people who passed me when I tried to redeem my score and just tilted out is in the hundreds. If I just kept my original score and stopped playing I would still be sitting in the top 500. When you are that high the amount of people passing you is only in the single digits. Lose 30 or 40 points and your score is going down by the double digits or more every game.

It isn't easy to just stop playing because it is counter intuitive to winning a higher score! The difference between the $5 prize and the next tier is huge! It is super hard to keep outplaying your self every game after game. If I comeback I will be utterly surprised.

SO moral of today's lesson is unless you are on a super streak and never losing points you can just stop! I firmly believe your score will thank you in the long run! Just as a example my score was 2165 when I started second guessing myself and generally weakened my game to a point of not even knowing what to call or leave alone! I would still be on page 15 or 16 instead of 30+!

If you want to win the Open League you have to win at least one tourney and final table at least a few other besides. I have such a problem deciding how to play my cards because of the crazy calls people make and the flaws in my own game.

Stop playing if you have a great score. I know there is the possibilty of continuing to go higher and higher but sometimes it is just smarter to bite the bullet and take the low prize and guarantee yourself a spot in the Premier League the following month!

There is always next month though! This is more or less the position I should have taken and not necessarily great "advice" to say but at least you know that when you are high in the leaderboard that not many people will continue to pass you. If you lose points though you are guaranteed to plummet!

Good luck everyone!