Is it just me or does it seem like whoever has a stack continues to win? I cannot help but notice that whoever the big stack is at the table can essentially call any hand middle/late in the game and win just about every time? I am talking about these people essentially donk calling you because they have way more chips. It happens so much I have commented before I enter the pot "the stack always wins" and been correct MANY MANY times. 

This is very strange. Time after time the stack beats ridiculous odds and ruins your game?  I see this happen to me and a lot of other players. If anyone else has noticed this and has some crazy explanation please tell me!

But more importantly if you notice that this is happening to you also PLEASE tell me about your story because this happening way too often.

I hope the community here will agree with me because it is weird.

Good luck to all school members!


P.S I do not wanna hear that its a bot or the site is rigged. Those comments are getting old now.