Jeez! in 2 days I blew my good score in the league! Is it smarter to just stop playing once you get to the top 200 or 300? I had about 4 games in a row now where I was knocked out early! 120 point loss easy. I am 512 th place now. Some will say don't complain and I hope this post doesn't come off that way. 

There are still a good few games left so I will still try to come back but damn it hurts getting down scored so late in the month. I guess the moral of this is if you get your score high, it can drop very fast! And if you are high on the leaderboard that can cost you $$$.

So I have a question. Once I am in the top 500 should I just stop playing and hope for the best or chance it and have to have VERY good games just to maintain or score your points? I mean the top 500 get a Premier ticket which is good! Getting to the top of the leaderboard is hard! I have gained much respect for any player who can stay in the top 100! If anyone has advice for cracking the game once you reach the money (on the league board) please let me know if there is any way you can help! As usual I appreciate any advice! 

Good Luck and Papa Bless!