I made my way right up the list in the Open League. At this point it is very difficult to even break even! It is forcing me to play in the beginning. I know everyone will say you should only play premium hands until your score is in the positives. Easier said than done when you need to make the top 10% just to score any points! I just have to stop looking at my score and worrying. You cannot be scared to lose your chips because it will be your downfall!


I am completely broke so I am probably headed to Premier League with less then 150 vpp which sucks! I have around 75 so hopefully I can score a ticket from a school pass sattelite and after that cash in a knockout tourney or something. Pipe dreams to be honest...

The last 3 tournaments have cost me about 100 points which is disgraceful. I have to stop looking at my score because it is starting to tilt me bad! I guess on the bright side there is still 40 odd tournaments left so maybe I can make a comeback. So lets see what happens and maybe I will fluke into some money and make the full 150vpp. It would very sad to make the first page of Premier and end up getting a fraction of the actual prizes. (I doubt I will win on my second attempt! LOL)

I suppose this is just me letting off a little steam. I have never blogged before I joined pokerschool. I hope people do not think I am complaining. This is a way for me to remember my state of mind. I hope to be able to help other players some day also. I am learning how to make interesting posts with interesting content. I would like to become a consistent winner so I could back up my play style with great advice. 

 Well I am signing off! Good luck to all players and keep on grinding!~ The FIngz

P.S - If anyone also plays on 888 they have an awesome promotion going on this month! The Pirate Treasure map quest. It would be so cool if pokerstars adopted a promotion like this since it is very interesting! Filling out the whole month gaurantees you at least $100 by the end with potential earnings much, much higher! I hope Amaya takes notice because it is a genius promo!