I have been trying super hard to maintain my place on the Open League leaderboard. Once your point score reaches a certain amount it becomes impossible to gain any points unless you finish in the top 100 EVERY GAME. 

I have been in the top 500 all week but cannot gain anymore points. If i want to even break even i need to make it to the top 20%. I was thinking that lasting as long as possible was the best way to climb the board but I could not be anymore wrong. My stats are pretty good with early finishes RARELY happening but now I know there is no choice but to take a huge chance! 

The problem I am having is playing against the saddest competition.....the people that are playing these games like free rolls to try and win the $5 to prize?? I am gonna lose points every game now just trying to deal with these unbelievable calls people make and still win the hands! I am sick of people complaining about other players hitting unbelievable odds all the time also but why don't I win when I call all in with 7-2 offsuit? Where are my runner runner cards that hit and make no sense to even call with in the beginning??  Another thing is putting your money into a pot in the beginning of the game and losing a third of your chips when some donk calls all in right away (probably with nothing!) Puts me in the hard spot of either calling an idiots all in call and losing maximum point value or folding which leaves me short stacked and unable to compete. Then it just comes to pure luck after that. Another coinflip...

I understand it sounds like pure complaint but I am truly at a crossroads as to what way to play my cards! It seems like the only chance I have at moving past my roadblock is to take coinflip chances in the beginning just like the rest. They say if you cant beat em, join em! I have nothing to lose so why not. 

I HATE THAT THIS SEEMS LIKE MY ONLY AVAILABLE OPTION. I want to play cards not coinflip. I wish I could find a happy medium here but it will not work. After playing in the Premier League in December I understand it isn't such a mess but the games are long and tedious as the competition is MUCH better IMHO. I hope to keep trying some different tactics in the next week which is surely going to lose me more points but I hope to learn something from this. Good luck to alll the players (actually playing in the league!) 

I know you can easily say it is a good thing that these crap players are in the league so you can take their chips but coin flipping against these people are just not smart ways of dealing with the problem. Back to more forum reading and reviewing the courses again! Hopefully I can look back on this post someday with a gameplan. And as always any advice or help from players with more experience is always appreciated! Cheers!

-The Fingz