In November was the very first month I put 100% effort into the Open School League. I did not do amazing but I made the money and won a ticket to Premier League. Then I tried the Premier League in December and was decimated...Fast forward to January and I am playing in the Open League and doing great! At this rate of my playing its looking good I will do even better than November with a rank of 226 as I type! In saying this I am trying to figure out why the Premiere League is so much different! People will say the Open League is a "Donk Fest" which is definately true watching some of the calls these people make! I am starting to believe of the 40k plus players in the League not all understand that there is a leader board and gaining points is MUCH more important then creating a stack in the beginning! Now trying to assess my skill level. This is not easy because I don't finish on the final table very often but I am getting better at only gaining never losing points. I look at my stats which do not tell me a lot about my game because It doesn't seem to update as fast as the leaderboard. And I dont have 1000s of hands either so it is a little hard to tell. So from just my score I assume I must be a semi tight player! The Open League is MUCH easier than the Premier League. There is no doubt. Hopefully I finish high on the board this month! I need another crack at the Premier League to test my might. (MORTAL KOMBAT!!) After this month I will know a little better I believe. Well here is to 2017 and a new year so hopefully I can get a great score by the end of the month! Maybe the Open League isn't the best way of assessing a persons true poker skill. But I can't feel bad about scoring well! Here is to the rest of the Leagues! Good Luck and see you on the tables!