I am now stuck with 40 Poker Giveaway  tickets now. As if these tournaments werent the biggest pieces of junk ever, These were the ONLY deposit bonuses for people making regular deposits? There was nothing saying that the promo was going to end? Pokerstars has lost its way. I never wanted to use the bonus but wanted some sort of prize for making my regular deposits to Amaya Group. I know they gave tickets for doing the Challenges also. So there are no more games in my tool box now. Pokerstars has to start treating the regular depositors better....I first opened my account years ago and never used the 200% bonus they offer. The last year I have been playing constantly! They should offer this bonus to regulars every now and then also! Well this is the start to 2017? I am forecasting Pokerstars do even better this year and more regs getting completely fed up and jumping platforms. Between the VIP program change and no value for the regular player anymore I am truly getting sick of this. If i wasnt addicted to gambling I would just walk LOL. They have their digital paws wrapped right around me. They know it and don't care as long as I deposit again the next week! I am truly going to send pokerstars some ideas like they are asking for......because this HAS to change. Treating the players like morons. Thats my rant. I wish I could just walk away....... Post is edited I aologize for using strong language! Good luck in the New Year to all players!