My stats for the Open Skill leader board have absolutley plummeted! This is the first month I have been trying to play every single game I can but I am getting knocked out VERY EARLY  a lot. I dont know why I am getting pummeled so badly! I am not here to complain but if someone could give me any advice for open skill games it would be very much apreciated.


I am not becoming that player that just sits out because I want to win a prize! I am not a profitable player a lot but I love the game so much and it brings me a lot of joy when I am even just breaking even! I don't consider myself a horrible palyer by any means but I want to get bettter at MTT. I could give you some examples but they are just the same as regular beatings! Guys hitting one card flushes and inside straights against  my high cards and pocket pairs! The thing that gets me is people calling all in with absolutely nothing like 3 5 off suit vs my Ax or Kx and high pairs also!! They always hit which rubs me the wrong way completely.

They have been beating me incessantly in the last few games. My score is suffering horribly! So if anyone can give me some general advice to hel me get deeper into the games I would appreciate it! Thanks peeps! and Good luck to all!