This probably won't be my most well-read piece, given that this month has thrown up a few curveballs that have curtailed my play over the past few weeks. Firstly, my bankroll took a hit from life ... I had to withdraw most of it in order to come up with some quick $$'s for the bills that seem to hit all at once. So once again, I am starting with a $25 initial bankroll (now over $50 at time of this writing thanks to Zoom). This was a little disheartening since this month and beyond was supposed to be about me entering into the next levels of higher stakes and learning each level of play. Instead I'm back at the beginning due to necessity rather than any poor play or luck.

Also my time at the tables have been severely curtailed by school holidays and minding the kids all day every day. Needless to say this has been the only time this year that I have actually not wanted to play poker. I've known from (more than a few) past mishaps that it is not wise to invest time in playing when my motivation is low and focus is elsewhere.

My only real highlight was a bubbled final table at a $0.55 turbo tourney of about 2,300 competitiors (and even that was a big downer). A tenth place finish was great (about an $8.30 payoff), but if I had only folded and lasted one more hand I would have an automatic 8th place finish (at the other table, two other players busted in the same hand). This would have been an $18+ payoff if I went no further than that, so with even a 10th place finish amongst a couple of thousand, I was still really disappointed at not going higher in the overall standings.

For the remainder of this month I am wanting to get back into some of the live training sessions and watch more training videos. I have missed this part and with the news that 'Frosty012' will be a new trainer I'm thinking that in itself is a great motivator to get into some study time as a tonic to a mild case of poker apathy.