Firstly, happy Easter to all those of the Christian mindset. To all other persuasions, happy 'weight gain from chocolate over-consumption' time. Regardless of viewpoint, I wish everybody a safe and pleasant holiday period.

It's a bit of a good-bad post this week. Best to start with the negatives (so I can finish strong).

Let me say right from the get-go, I am a complete and absolute idiot. I was so consumed with the fun aspects of March play (e.g. the MicroMillions Event Series and getting into Zoom Poker) that I virtually completely forgot the Premier League tourneys. I think I played only about 10 or so in March without a big result and consequently oozed my way down under the 800th place cutoff for this month.

So, not only am I back to the Open League but in April there is the inevitability of school holidays and child minding for a full two weeks in the month. That means huge portions of time rediverted to family that could be invested into grinding the Open League.

Hmmmm ... upon reading that second time, maybe my priorities are wrong
NAH!!!  :-P

Now the good news.

With only short time periods available for play, that suits the Zoom format perfectly. I've had a great first week in April (including my move to play some 5NL as well as some 2NL), running at over 7BB/100 and have made more profit in a week that I have in the first two months of the year. Therefore this must be the focus for this month. I will leave the Leagues until May to have another crack at getting into the money in that regard.

The Zoom has been good for me, game and study-wise. I am getting better at folding big hands when I feel someone has gotten lucky and hit a set or flush. This has always been my biggest chip-bleed habit; getting hung up on the hand I have and not so much concerned about what the opponent is representing (particularly with villain bets/raises across the last two streets). At my worst I get a severe case of Daniel Negreanu's (calling the raise and paying off the opponent just to see what they held) and can donate money in all directions. With this held in check, my value hands are actually staying in my account rather than being minimised due to curiosity calls.

The initial SCOOP event line-up is out for consideration. I'll be looking at trying to get into some of the tourneys through satellite qualifying, since most of the events are simply too rich for my bankroll at the moment.

Finally, hand of the day. This actually happened last month but it's taken me this long to try and find out how to get Zoom hands to work through the replayer.

Now the question ... can you guess what the villain held in this hand ... answer at end of page.

Our poor little bad guy actually held pocket 8's. No way in the world did I put him on a higher set, given a limp call from the button. Poor guy ....