It's been a little bit slower at this end for the past week. I've managed to play a couple of tourneys but with little success. Here's my updated MicroMillions results:

    * MM Event 2 ($1 Rebuy) - 1711th place for a $23.92 cash
    * MM Event 7 ($2.20 NL) - 1120th place for a $5.21 cash
    * MM Event 25 ($1 NL) - 220th place for a $6.48 cash
    * MM Event 32 ($11) - busted
    * MM Event 32 ($11) - busted
    * MM Event 32 ($11) - busted
    * MM Event 32 ($11) - busted

So no cashes since my good start. All those $11 buy-ins were through using the WBCOOP tickets I'd picked up, which just goes to show the truth to the old phrase "Talk is cheap". I'm not too upset at those last four results: each time (bar one) I got my chips in good and the hand didn't hold. Twice I got coolered by someone hitting a four-outer or less (usually on the river).

I do have a $16.50 ticket but no events of that buy-in exist in the MicroMillions. I can't use it on regular tourneys so I'm hoping there's something else upcoming in the spring series?

Now while I've been having fun in the Event series I have been neglecting my main (supposed) focus for March; learning 6-max. I have managed to play about 4,000 hands for a moderate success but it took me over half of that just learning the change of dynamic from full-ring (and it cost me a handful of buy-ins). What was concerning me the most early on was the number of times I was getting into big pots and losing because I undervalued the opponent's hand strength. While I hate getting it in as an underdog at the best of times, what really gets me is when I completely misjudge my opponent's range. Poor luck is one thing, but poor choices through misreads is another thing entirely.

I seemed to get into the swing of things after those first couple of weeks' hard lessons however and have shown strong results over the last week or so. A little perseverence and some more hands under my belt will continue this improvement and I hope to have much stronger results in the next month or so as the format becomes more familiar.

To commit myself to this end, I have applied to join in the latest battleground challenge. Basically it is full-ring players vs 6-max players, playing at 2NL for 2,000 hands minimum to see which group can accumulate the most profit over the last week of March. Dave (TheLangolier) captains the full ring team and Felix (Xflixxx) captains the 6-max mob. Should be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the banter and stories that emerge on the foruns over the next seven days.

*UPDATE* Looks like I applied too late and the teams are already posted. I'll be playing anyway to try and compare my individual performance with those on the teams. Good luck to all parties!!

Let's see if we can finish March with a bang!