I've gotta say first off that I am loving the MicroMillions event series. Not only is it a heck of a lot of fun on its own but I'm really enjoying the forums and trying my luck in conjunction with the other PSO members and the live updates.

I've played four Events to this point and results are below:

     * MM Event 2 ($1 Rebuy) - 1711th place for a $23.92 cash
     * MM Event 7 ($2.20 NL) - 1120th place for a $5.21 cash
     * MM Event 25 ($1 NL) - 220th place for a $6.48 cash
     * MM Event 32 ($11) - approx. 7700th place, busted

I'm really disappointed with that last result as it was the tournament with clearly my best start through the first few levels. A couple of hours in I had a nice 23k stack and had great table image, then this hand came along:

This was soon followed up by the dreaded 'w' ... 'work'! So I had to push with a stack that was never going to blind out to the bubble and was caught short in my final hand pushing into the blinds with A6 from the button. Insta-called by SB with AJ. No love from the deck and I'm down and out for the first time this series. I used an $11 WBCOOP ticket so at least it wasn't a monetary loss.

Because of the series, I have caught a bit of the tournament bug and have played in a few regular micro buy-in regular tourneys as well. While I have jumped into this mode of play with gusto, I have unfortunately neglected the two areas that I said I would focus on at the beginning of the month; Premier League and 6-max full ring.

I think that those aims will just have to wait until post-March because I see no reason to miss the MicroMillions for something I can return to in next few months. It's just too good.