After a week out of the state, I returned 24 hours before the start of the microMillions. Yesterday I managed a few minor tourneys so as not to go into the Event series completely poker-cold. Some mid-cash finishes but nothing to write home about.

Played my first MM tourney this morning, Event 2, the $1 Rebuy with a 41,000+ field (this started at 3am where I am). After the first two hours of fast and furious action I had accumulated a reasonably healthy 90k of chips and was well placed heading into the post-rebuy phase with 23,000 players still in the field.

As you would expect from this type of tourney (and this type of buy-in) the play is pretty crazy and loose, so I was fortunate to get some luck (usually while getting in with the best hand) and make it into the money (5,625 players cashed in this event). The question was how deep, as I had a pretty average stack the whole time, not short stacked but no monster either. Some good plays later and I was 800k in chips and inside the top 2000.

My exit hand was unfortunately near however. Sitting in BB with AQo, it folded around to SB who min raised to 240k. A quick all-in re-raise and snap call later and I find myself a favourite running against K9o.

Flop goes AKx which is a nice start, but a 9 on the turn and a river blank saw me with a $24 paycheck, a 1711th place finish and one of those 'if only' thought processes.

One event, one cash. It could have been much deeper, but that's poker.

Good luck to all; hope to see you at the MicroMillion tables.